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Trailer of the Week - Adventureland

Math is Everywhere!

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Youtube of the Day - Beat it, Keytar style

The Keytar solo is priceless!

P.S learn the lyrics brett domino, you're better than that!

Comic of the day - In the Bleachers

Your Daily Awesomness! - Watch out for Frank

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Youtube of the Day - James 'Flight' White

Forget the NBA dunk Contest. James 'Flight' White has won the D-league dunk contest 2 years running. I have NEVER seen anyone take off BEFORE the free throw line before. White should get an invite to next years contest in the NBA.

Breaking News - Megan Fox is single , Release the hounds

Reports are out that Fox and Brian Austin Green have split!

P.S No Megan fox isn't going to play Wonder woman....a man can dream though.

Hand Bra of the Day - Rebecca Firth

Your Daily Awesomness! - That's what she said

NBA Video - Devin Harris' Hail Mary Half Court buzzer beater

What a way to lose....seriously what a way to lose

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Youtube of the Day - Featuring the BEST Bud Light Commercial EVER

“When I’m done it looks like it’s gone through a paper shredder.”

“That’s a bonus.”

“You’re going to need a safe word and it shouldn’t be ‘more’.”

That guy is the BEST

Swag of the day - Multitouch Air hockey

Hand Bra of the Day - America Olivio

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Trailer of the Week - Miss March

"Who is Horsedick dot mpeg?"

Youtube of the Day - Zach Randolph Punches Louis Amundson for no reason

Further proof that Randolph is an idiot.

Song of the Day - Rising Down by The Roots ft Mos Def "

Ignore the first few seconds and the bad video (which isn't the real video) This song is wicked.

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Song of the Day - We fight we love by Q-tip

Hand Bra of the Day - Jewel Santini

Swag of the Day - The Michael Jackson Auction

An electric cart featuring an image of Jackson as Peter Pan on the bonnet and Peter Pan cushions. Guide price $4,000-$6,000

A close-up of the image of Jackson as Peter Pan

A robotic Michael Jackson head featured at the climax of his 1988 film Moonwalker, when he transforms into a robot and defeats Joe Pesci's evil character, Mr Big. Guide price $2,000-$3,000

The prop 'scissorhand' gloves that Johnny Depp wore in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands. Stan Winston, the visual effects artist for the film, worked with Jackson on the 1997 short film Ghosts. Guide price $4,000-$6,000

A painting on stretched canvas featuring iconic figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein wearing Jackson's trademark sunglasses and glove. Guide price $1,000-$2,000

Jackson's MTV Video Music award for Best Group Video USA For Africa 1984-1985. Guide price $6,000-$8,000

Dude has some WEIRD stuff. Although the Scissorhands and Moonwalker robotic mask are kinda cool. Click here to check out the rest of the stuff.

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Sideboob of the Day - Britney McGraw

All Star weekend - Iverson shaves head, Hilarity ensues

NBA All-star Saturday Night recap

H-O-R-S-E presented by Geico - I don't know when they showed this in Canada because I sorted through 7 hours of recording on my PVR and couldn't find it. Luckily there is trusty youtube to come through. My impressions of this first annual contest? It was a good one. A nice idea to have with only a few hundred spectators. A couple of nice shots but nothing too fancy. The best shots? The long bomb threes, expecially the three from the bleachers. Joe Johnson's spin it on your finger layup was a nice idea too...except he didn't make it. I won't ruin it and tell you who wins you can check it out below.

Hair Shooting starts - They should rename this the Nobody wants to see Bill Lambier in a uniform anymore contest or the Old dude, Chick and NBA guy snore fest. Its awful, has always been awful and should not ever be done again. The pistons won this
year like anyone cares.

Playstation Skills Challange - A decent contest which should have kicked off the night. I honestly am not sure it proves who the best point guard is but its ok to watch and a nice primer to the three point contest.

Footlocker Three point shoot-out - Our hometown boy Jason Kapono couldn't repeat again this year. Nobody really got it going like in previous years which is too bad. Its always fun to see somebody run a few racks in a row. Not the best contest compared to previous contests. Plus Daequan Cook won it....Daequan frickin Cook.

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest - Started out promising. I thought Rudy Fernandez's first dunk was quite nice. I also think if Pau Gasol had given him a better pass off the backboard for his second dunk he might have moved on. LOVED Nate's off Chandler's back step up dunk as well as Dwight's off the side of the backboard dunk. I think had Howard switched the order of his dunks he might have had a shot to win. He should have done his free throw line dunk in the early round and saved the forklift, telephone booth dunk for the finals. Nate's Kryptonite dunk OVER howard would have been tough to top though. A decent competition however. Hopefully Lebron James' mid contest announcement that he'd participate next year is true.

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Sideboob of the Day - Luli Fernandez

New Addiction

Can't get this song out my head!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

O'Neil For Marion - Done and Done

The Raptors Traded Jermaine O'neil and Jamario Moon to the Miami Heat for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. The rumor of this deal has been around for a while now. I also suggested it as the best possible scenario for the Raptors even before the rumors were around.

What does the deal mean? Well its a salary dump for Toronto. The O'neil experiment was not working here and Colangelo realized it and did everything he could to gain some cap flexibility for this upcoming off season. For Miami it means that they gain a formidable inside presence to pair with Dwayne wade in the hopes of making a deep playoff run plus 2010 cap space.

Lets not forget however the bit pieces in this trade. The Raptors are taking on a more than hefty salary (4.26 million for 3 yrs) in Marcus banks. In turn they GIVE up their best contract in Moon (1 yr 711,000). Banks will be used to shore up the point guard position but his contract is a bad one and he isn't really going to impact this team at all. He will likely be relegated to 3rd string PG behind Jose and Roko. The Raps lose some size in the middle and until Humphries is back I think its going to be a struggle some nights to defend the paint. Plus now raptors fans will be forced to watch Marion toss up ugly jumpers instead of moon. Lets just hope Marion takes it to the rack and rebounds instead of flicking up jumper after jumper.

The thing about Colangelo is that he isn't afraid to takes chances. But perhaps the BEST thing about him is that he is also quick to admit when he was wrong and do something to correct it. He gambled with the O'Neil and it didn't work. He traded him. He signed Fred Jones, it didn't work , he traded him.

Ultimately this deal comes down to a 27 game audition for Marion. The Raptors get to try him out on the wing and see if he fits. Their starting 5 of Jose, Bosh, Bargnani, Marion, Parker, if healthy does now look rather formidable. The Bench is still awful though and does not get any better with this deal. If Marion doesn't fit in or doesn't resign then BC has 17 million in cap space to use on the 2009 free agent market.

I do wondering however, if Colangelo wants the cap space from Marion's contract so he can make a trade in the off season instead of trying to sign a free agent. If rumors are true and no big name players want to sign here in the it makes sense for BC to try to get somebody that is already under contract here via trade. Remember if a team is UNDER the salary cap they don't have to trade contract for contract they can take back a player for as much as they are under the cap. Word is that in the tough economic times teams will be looking to shed salary and BC thinks he can get a quality player for basically nothing. Not really a bad strategy.

I will leave you with this however. Would it not be ironic if the Heat used the cap space from O'neil's contract to sign Chris Bosh away from the Raptors in 2010. Stranger things have happened and Bosh would probably like the chance to play with Wade out in Miami.

Update - Miami Sun Sentinel is reporting that the raptors included a conditional 1st round pick with this deal. That is stupid if they did but probably necessary to get a deal done. After all there probably weren't a lot of teams looking to take on O'neil.

Youtube of the Day - Best Maury Povich Paternity test moments AND Best Talk Show Fight moments

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This One is for My Lady

a pre-Valentine's post for the woman who makes me happy...even though she probably won't see this!

below are the moods/feelings/thoughts that i have about her, in musical form :)

So Into U - Tamia

Brown Sugar - D'Angelo

Lady - D'Angelo

Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest

Love of My Life - Erykah Badu & Common

One in a Million - Aaliyah

4 Page Letter - Aaliyah

A Long Walk - Jill Scott

Feelin On You Booty - R.Kelly

Old School Video of the Week

"Passin Me By" - The Pharcyde

Swag of the Day - Sony Vaio P series Lifestyle PC

Sony VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC $1499 or $999 for 64 Gb hd

Intel® Processor (1.33GHz)
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium

Model Features: 8" display with XBRITE-ECO™ LCD technology
128GB Solid State Hard Drive
Weighs 1.4 lbs.
GPS, integrated mobile broadband

Sideboob of the Day - Joanna Krupp

The onion news - Sony to release stupid Piece of $H#

Youtube of the Day 2 - John Tesh, You heard me JOHN TESH and something you would never believe

Youtube of the Day - Roko and the Raps beat the Spurs

Check the 40 second mark for the most awkward chest bump ever.

As Raptorshq put is what roko was thinking at that point:

“Hey, I scored the winner, should I do a chest bump?”
“Yes, yes I should!”
“There’s Jason – I think I’ll bump him!”

Raptors Recap - The "Roko B Ware" Edition

The Raptors finished the first half of the season on a high note beating the Spurs at the ACC. Just so you don't think this is a joke I'll repeat it. The raptors finished the first half of the season beating the Spurs at the ACC. Just like I had predicted yesterday the Raptors defended their home court admirably against arguably one of the best teams in the NBA. What makes this win even more surprising is that they did it on the second night of a back to back while severely short handed.

The Raptors were once again without Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon. Also Joey Graham injured his shin early in the first half and couldn't go the rest of the way. That left basically 7 guys to finish the game (we don't count Jawai or Solomon cause they suck and would only play in an emergency).

So how'd they do it? They were able to neutralize Duncan somewhat with JO who had a nice game with 10 rebounds and 6 blocked shots. He was also able to guard Duncan one on one. This allowed the raptors to close out on shooters and not have to help. Jo gave them a gritty performance in 38 min after playing 43 min the night before in Minnesota he was off from the field but brought it defensively.

Tony Parker got to the rim at will early in the game but late in the second half the Raptors tighten'd up their defense and made tony drive and pull up for jump shots. Ginobli had a great game seemingly scoring at will but when the time came for him to win the game the Raptors defense came up huge again.

Andrea Bargnani hit some HUGE shots late in the game and also gave them a gutsy performance in 43 minutes of work with 23 pts and 8 rebounds. Kapono was on again as well shooting 9-16 for 21 points.

But this night belonged to rookie Point guard Roko Ukic (9-13 fg 22pts 3 assists). Roko took the ball to the rim strong all night. He finished at the rim on some very tough shots. Twisting and twirling in the lane. He made floaters and layups and showed us that he has the potential to be great. The biggest surprise however was his outside shooting. Roko NAILED a couple of huge shots including a late three ball to help the raptors get this win. Hitting those big shots should go a long way with Roko. In previous games he seemed very hesitant to take even wide open looks and making those shots last night late in a close game should hopefully help him gain the confidence he needs. If he can develop a passable jump shot he is going to be a tough player to defend.

The raptors now enter the all-star break on a 2 game win streak. I don't know what this means for the second half of the season. With the trade deadline next Wednesday I don't think we are going to see the same players on the court when they suit up to play Cleveland. But all in all its a good win. And it helps to take some of the sting out of the first half of the season.

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Hand Bra of the Day - Andrea Myrander

How to wear a T-Shirt - Olivia Munn

Youtube of the Day - Osbourne's Reloaded preview

This show actually looks decent.

Trailer of the Week - Observe (NSFW)

Hey its another Seth Rogan movie. Hey its another movie about a mall security guard.
Hey this one actually looks decent.

Raptors Recap - The "a win is a win is a win" edition

The Raptors finally picked up a W last night over the T-wolves. The game wasn't pretty. The Raptors almost coughed up another double digit lead and lost it but they got it done down the stretch with solid play from JO on the Block. Also Joey G was on fire to start the game going 5-5 in the first 5 min of the game. It also appears as though Kapono has taken Triano's advice and went nuts from the field going 7-10 and 18 pts.

The Raptors get the Spurs tonight at home and I think that they can steal this one before the all-star break. I don't know why but I just have the feeling that the Spurs might be looking past the Raps towards the all star break. We'll see.

I mentioned yesterday that the Raptors have been active in trade talks. I made the point that I think trading Bosh would be a bad idea however I suggested that if they were going to deal him they should look to get something of everything they need (a decent player, cap space, draft picks, a good prospect).

I read this morning that Portland has offered the Suns Aldridge, Bayless and Lafretz expiring contract plus a 2nd round pick for Amar'e Stoudamire. If I'm Colangelo I am taking a good hard look at that deal and maybe wondering if it would make sense to call Portland and offer Bosh and Kapono for the same deal. I would then make the deal with Miami for Marion and BAM!!!! BC has what he needs to get things done. If he made that deal he'd have 2 GIANT expiring contracts (approx 30 million!). Lafrentz contract is almost entirely covered by insurance for the rest of this season so that would save MLSE more money. He'd get a young star in Aldridge that will give them 17 pts and 8 reb a night to replace bosh. He'd also get an upcoming star in Bayless and a second rd pick. He would essentially be throwing in the towel on the season but this team would be deadly next year. The cap space is even greater when you factor in Parkers 4.5 mill expiring deal and losing Kapono's contract.

Its just a thought but I don't think its crazy.

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Side Boob of the Day - Nadege Dabrowski

NBA All Star weekend - H.O.R.S.E or G.E.I.C.O contestants revealed

Courtesy of the associated press

Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant, O.J. Mayo and Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson will be competing in the first ever All star weekend event.

The contest will take place outdoors at the NBA's All-Star Block Party on Saturday in Phoenix before TNT televises the All-Star Saturday night festivities.

If a player makes a shot in H-O-R-S-E, the next competitor must make the same shot or receive a letter. A player gets an 'H' for his first miss and is eliminated once he has all five letters of the word.

Players will have 24 seconds to execute their shots, and an NBA referee will rule if they're done properly. Dunking won't be allowed.

Geicko os sponsoring the event so I believe the game will be renamed G.E.I.C.O.

Raptors Game Day - Another day, another rumor

The Raptors are in Minnesota to face the T-wolves tonight. The wolves lost Al Jefferson the other night for the season with a knee injury. The Raptors are also going to be without their best in Chris Bosh. So that makes for an "interesting" game. Both teams best players are out and both teams are terrible. I am sure the TV audience will be huge!

Anyway, the Trade deadline is quickly approaching (8 days away) and there are SO many rumors floating around regarding not only the Raptors but now with Amar'e Stoudamire.

From what I can tell the Heat offered Beasley and Marion's expiring contract for Amar'e but the Suns wanted nothing to do with Marion. Not even if it was for half a season. This bodes well for the Raptors because that means that the O'neil for Marion deal is likely still the best offer the Heat have.

I've heard rumors about Bosh and although both BC and Bosh have denied anything I can't say that I would be surprised to see him traded. I don't think the Raptors should trade bosh. I think they need to build around him better. Which they can do with the cap space provided with Marion's contract.

That said if they were going to deal him I would only consider deals that bring back the following: a first round pick, a great player or Cap space, at least 1 young prospect. For example:

Trade bosh to Detroit for 1st round pick, Tayshaun prince, Jason Maxiel.
Trade Bosh to Portland for 1st round pick, Rudy Fernandez, Travis Outlaw and Raef Lafrenz expiring deal.

I don't think there is a chance these deals will ever happen. I think unless they unload O'neil this team is doomed and Bosh will leave in 2010. I also think the Amar'e situation is likely to shape everything that is done at this year's deadline.

Stay tuned.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover 2009 - Bar Refelli

Excellent choice I say

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How to Wear a T-Shirt - Cheryl Tweedy

Youtube of the Day 2 - I'm On a Boat by Lonely Island ft T-pain

Grammy awards - Best performances of the night

Radiohead with the USC Trojan Marching band - 15 Step

Coldplay with Jay Z - Lost/Viva La Vida

A Very Pregnant M.I.A with Jay Z, T.I, Lil Wayne, Kanye West - Swagga like us

U2 - Get on your boots

Estelle w Kanye West - American Boy

Youtube Of the Day - Durex Balloon Animals

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You Need a Big Sign!

Emeril BAM!

In the Bleachers

Made me laugh. I hope it makes others laugh too.

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Mr. Bale Goes Off!!

The caped crusader really gives it to the director of photography for screwing up a scene, on the set of Terminator Salvation.

The lesson of the day is don't piss off Christian Bale!

*Warning* There is plenty of bad language

Click here

Old School Video of the Week

Chief Rocka - Lords of the Underground

What's actually sick about this, is that Neil ripped this years ago, and I designed that start image! (Buggout = Neil)

Side Boob of the Day - Megan Gale

Youtube of the Day - Career Builder Commercial

This was also a Superbowl Commercial

Swag of the Week - Valentine's Day Cards

V-day is fast approaching and I came across a couple of the better cards I've ever seen out there.

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Sideboob of the Day - Emily Blunt

Album Review - Lilly Allen "It's Not Me It's You"

Lily Allen hit the scene at 20 with her debut album “Alright still”. The album was a big success not only because of the music but because of her cheeky lyrics. She is back with her sophomore effort “It's not Me it's You”.

The album doesn’t stray from the formula that worked so well for her on her debut. Present are the cheeky lyrics and pop melodies. Allen seems to have found a nice comfort zone for herself and her music and does nothing to stray outside it.

The album is chalk full of pop gems with catchy melodies and lyrics.

Lyrically the album challenges things such as drugs, sex and love, God.

On the opening track “Everyone’s at it” Allen surmises that everyone is on some sort of drugs. On “Him” she wonders what’s in the mind of the worlds creator declaring Gods favorite band to be “Creedance Clearwater Revival”. Lead single “The Fear” has her worrying about being famous and having to shed pounds for a provocative photo shoot. On "Not Fair" she uses a little country twang to question the sexual inadequacy of men. On it she she sings "Oh, I lie here in the wet patch / in the middle of the bed / I'm feeling pretty hard done by / I spent ages giving head”.

Her best tracks however are the driving tracks “Back to the Start” and the melodic “Chinese" and "I could say".

The album isn’t as good musically as her debut but certainly there is a lot to like here. If you were a fan of her debut you will love this.

8 out of 10

Download these – “The Fear”, “Chinese”, “Back to the Start”, “Not fair”, “Everyone’s At it”, “Him”, "Who'd Have Known", "I Could Say"

Raptors Recap - The "gamble that didn't pay off" Edition

The Raptors lost in convincing fashion again last night. Triano took a gamble and started the three bigs Bosh, Bargnani and O’neil. As soon as I heard of the change I wondered why he decided to do it. It removes any athleticism they had at the wing with moon. Athleticism that is needed to guard Lebron James. James took advantage early making his first 5 shots and scoring 16 first quarter points.

Personally I would have started Graham on the wing to defend James and brought JO off the bench. Graham did a nice job on James at some points last night and I’m not sure going to a zone defense to start the game with 3 bigs and no athleticism was the best idea. The raptors don’t play zone well. They’re late on rotations and don’t help well enough.

The atrocious shooting from Calderon, Kapono, Moon, Parker and Graham was also largely to blame for the loss. They shot a combined 22% from the field.

Watching the game last night I wondered what exactly this team is built to do. They don’t have an identity. Clearly Bosh is their best player and they run a lot of screen and rolls as well as iso’s for him but past that they have nothing. Teams know how to defend the Raptors and unless they are just on fire from the field they are going to lose.

Up next is Kobe and the Lakers tonight. Which I’m sure will be another ACC boo fest!.

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TNT Adds H-O-R-S-E to NBA All Star Lineup

Courtesy Ball Don't Lie

TNT today announced the addition of the popular driveway game H-O-R-S-E to its NBA All-Star 2009 programming lineup. The H-O-R-S-E game will air live during TNT's two-hour Inside the NBA program at 5 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 14.

Participants will be announced at a later date. (Please say Rasheed Wallace, please say Rasheed Wallace ...)

According to TNT's press release, the game will take place on a 45' X 50' court alongside the network's new NBA on TNT rig (see above). The fancy rig set-up can rise up to 14 feet off the ground and the bleachers can seat up to 117 guests.