Sunday, February 15, 2009

NBA All-star Saturday Night recap

H-O-R-S-E presented by Geico - I don't know when they showed this in Canada because I sorted through 7 hours of recording on my PVR and couldn't find it. Luckily there is trusty youtube to come through. My impressions of this first annual contest? It was a good one. A nice idea to have with only a few hundred spectators. A couple of nice shots but nothing too fancy. The best shots? The long bomb threes, expecially the three from the bleachers. Joe Johnson's spin it on your finger layup was a nice idea too...except he didn't make it. I won't ruin it and tell you who wins you can check it out below.

Hair Shooting starts - They should rename this the Nobody wants to see Bill Lambier in a uniform anymore contest or the Old dude, Chick and NBA guy snore fest. Its awful, has always been awful and should not ever be done again. The pistons won this
year like anyone cares.

Playstation Skills Challange - A decent contest which should have kicked off the night. I honestly am not sure it proves who the best point guard is but its ok to watch and a nice primer to the three point contest.

Footlocker Three point shoot-out - Our hometown boy Jason Kapono couldn't repeat again this year. Nobody really got it going like in previous years which is too bad. Its always fun to see somebody run a few racks in a row. Not the best contest compared to previous contests. Plus Daequan Cook won it....Daequan frickin Cook.

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest - Started out promising. I thought Rudy Fernandez's first dunk was quite nice. I also think if Pau Gasol had given him a better pass off the backboard for his second dunk he might have moved on. LOVED Nate's off Chandler's back step up dunk as well as Dwight's off the side of the backboard dunk. I think had Howard switched the order of his dunks he might have had a shot to win. He should have done his free throw line dunk in the early round and saved the forklift, telephone booth dunk for the finals. Nate's Kryptonite dunk OVER howard would have been tough to top though. A decent competition however. Hopefully Lebron James' mid contest announcement that he'd participate next year is true.

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