Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Raptors Recap - The "gamble that didn't pay off" Edition

The Raptors lost in convincing fashion again last night. Triano took a gamble and started the three bigs Bosh, Bargnani and O’neil. As soon as I heard of the change I wondered why he decided to do it. It removes any athleticism they had at the wing with moon. Athleticism that is needed to guard Lebron James. James took advantage early making his first 5 shots and scoring 16 first quarter points.

Personally I would have started Graham on the wing to defend James and brought JO off the bench. Graham did a nice job on James at some points last night and I’m not sure going to a zone defense to start the game with 3 bigs and no athleticism was the best idea. The raptors don’t play zone well. They’re late on rotations and don’t help well enough.

The atrocious shooting from Calderon, Kapono, Moon, Parker and Graham was also largely to blame for the loss. They shot a combined 22% from the field.

Watching the game last night I wondered what exactly this team is built to do. They don’t have an identity. Clearly Bosh is their best player and they run a lot of screen and rolls as well as iso’s for him but past that they have nothing. Teams know how to defend the Raptors and unless they are just on fire from the field they are going to lose.

Up next is Kobe and the Lakers tonight. Which I’m sure will be another ACC boo fest!.

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