Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Album Review - Lilly Allen "It's Not Me It's You"

Lily Allen hit the scene at 20 with her debut album “Alright still”. The album was a big success not only because of the music but because of her cheeky lyrics. She is back with her sophomore effort “It's not Me it's You”.

The album doesn’t stray from the formula that worked so well for her on her debut. Present are the cheeky lyrics and pop melodies. Allen seems to have found a nice comfort zone for herself and her music and does nothing to stray outside it.

The album is chalk full of pop gems with catchy melodies and lyrics.

Lyrically the album challenges things such as drugs, sex and love, God.

On the opening track “Everyone’s at it” Allen surmises that everyone is on some sort of drugs. On “Him” she wonders what’s in the mind of the worlds creator declaring Gods favorite band to be “Creedance Clearwater Revival”. Lead single “The Fear” has her worrying about being famous and having to shed pounds for a provocative photo shoot. On "Not Fair" she uses a little country twang to question the sexual inadequacy of men. On it she she sings "Oh, I lie here in the wet patch / in the middle of the bed / I'm feeling pretty hard done by / I spent ages giving head”.

Her best tracks however are the driving tracks “Back to the Start” and the melodic “Chinese" and "I could say".

The album isn’t as good musically as her debut but certainly there is a lot to like here. If you were a fan of her debut you will love this.

8 out of 10

Download these – “The Fear”, “Chinese”, “Back to the Start”, “Not fair”, “Everyone’s At it”, “Him”, "Who'd Have Known", "I Could Say"

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