Sunday, November 30, 2008

At The Game

Just saw Punu, and Steveo did a beer funnel with him. He also got a hug with Santa.

There was a stinky dude sitting in front of us that shat his pants.

Second half update - we're in the box now, and the Bills changed qbs now. And there's a girl with a crazy big ass in here. Sean's had a few too many cranberry/goose. 10-0 49ers.

We are...

Waiting in the Fallsview lobby to head to the Bills game. Braps.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Raptors recap - Point form edition

- Bosh took and missed a 3 pointer with a 7 point lead and 6 minutes to go, the Hawks went back down the floor and made a jumper to make it a 5 point lead.Bosh will not win MVP doing things like that. But 30 pts 10 reb 7 assists and 3 blocks is going to get him MVP consideration. Of course he'll never win unless Kobe and Lebron both get hurt and somebody cuts Chris Pauls fingers off. But he was AWESOME again tonight.

- Chris Bosh's Acne seems to have cleared up nicely. He must be using Pro Active.

- The hawks looked disinterested tonight, no energy all jumpshots and they still had a chance to win.

- AP was very active tonight he defended Joe Johnson by moving his feet and keeping him out of the lane....this is a good sign cause he'll have his hands full with Kobe on Sunday.

- Jose is STILL not 100% his jumper is still off. He looks ok taking them but you can tell by the way they're rimming out that his mechanics are off just a touch.
that HAS to be due to the Hamstring problem.

- Jose can't catch a break. On one play he was HAMMERED to the ground on a screen by Pachulia and then later he rolled his ankle jumping for the ball and then landed on the ball and hit his mouth on the floor poor guy.

- If devlin mentions the elevator story during any other games this season Jack Armstrong should be allowed to slap him.

- "Showey" Graham had some nice dunks tonight.
- The crowd chanting "Joey Joey" was a little unnecessary but also kind of funny.
- in a strange way you do have to respect Joey a little for being ready to play though, it can't be easy warming the bench all season and then being thrown in there and asked to do the things he's been doing. I can't believe I'm saying this but he needs more playing time to see if he can keep it up.

- Bargs was great early in the first quarter and then picked up 2 fouls and disappeared. He needs to learn how to play smart when he's in early foul trouble but he needs to stay aggressive. He has looked every bit the player the raptors thought they drafted this season and I look forward to seeing it more consistentaly.

- Kapono hit some nice shots tonight (6 of 10 shooting). On one outside jumper he took a pass and did his patented vollyball shot where his hand barely touch the ball. I don't know how the guy does it. Imagine just how many shots you have to take in practice to be comfortable taking a shot like that in an NBA game.

- The Goatee on Hawks coach Mike Woodson looks glued on. I love it.

- The raptors suck at home this season and cannot protect a lead. EVER.

- Want to know how bad the raptors bench really is? Ask yourself this question...
How many of the current 12 man raptors roster will not get a new NBA contract and will likely be playing in Europe in 2 years? I'm going to guess 4...I got Will Solomon, Jamario Moon, Joey Graham and Hassan Adams. Obviously I could be wrong but i bet I'm more right than wrong.

T-shirt of the week - Haikus!

Available at:

Youtube of the Day - Vintage SNL - TT and Mario

I Love this video. Do me a favor drop the soap!

MLSE Showdown: Battle of the Brian's- Who ya Got?

So if sources are to be believed the Maple Leafs have finally gotten their man. Brian Burke is set to become the new President and General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What does this mean for NHL fans in Toronto? I believe it means about the same as it did when MLSE signed the other Brian to a contract for the Raptors.

It means stability at the management level as well as a winning culture and respectability to an office that has been a joke for the past few seasons. Past that I think Leaf fans are going to have to be patient. Anyone that knows me knows that I am anything but a big hockey fan and to that point I really don't know much about the players available and the moves that Burke is going to need to make (although I'm hearing an enforcer is tops on his list). What I do know however is that the turnaround of this team is not going to happen as quickly as it did for the Raptors.

Why? Well the reasons to me are twofold.

1. The Raptors had an All-star player to build around in Chris Bosh. The leafs do not have this yet and that's a big deal. You could make a case that as of right now Toskola is their best player and he's not really in the future plans for this team provided the Justin Pogge situation pans out.

2. The roster sizes are totally different. The Raptors were able to take a guy like Bosh and get 4 guys (Ford, Nesterovic, Parker and Garbajosa) in to turn the team around. This gave them a core of guys to pair with Bosh and Calderon and ultimately make the playoffs in Colangelo's first full year as President and GM.
Burke has a tonne of young upstart players who play hard but aren't going to beat quality opponents night in and night out. It will take time for Burke to Shuffle around the assets and build a winning chemistry for this team. And in hockey when you have a roster of up to 23 players with 3 or 4 lines its much more difficult. Compare that to Basketball where you really only have 8-10 guys playing every night The bottom line is that its going to take longer.

All that said, I like this move for the team and even more for the city. Leafs fans have taken a beating in recent years. They've been somewhat of a laughing stock in the biggest hockey market in the world. Much like the New York Knicks were/are in the NBA world.

I'm happy MLSE has the Brians both Burke and Colangelo. They need them both to win and make more money (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

I don't watch Porn

Its 2:30 am...I just finished recording and production on the first 2 tracks for the new White Chocolate Album.

I have to say I am REALLY pleased with the first two tracks. I'm working with Dan "Mix Master" Mathers on the tracks and he's a genius with the production.

I think we both learned a lot in the first few sessions and I honestly think these are the best WC songs ever. Especially considering ALL of the music and vocals were done by us.

I'm hoping the album will be 12-14 tracks in total and these two are a really great start. I hope to stream them here soon so stay tuned.

The tracks are titled "I don't watch Porn" and "EMPO".

Anyway I'm tired. Good night all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moustache of the Week

Sens 3rd Jersey

I dig it...what y'all think?

Shake It, Beyonce

I'm not a big Beyonce fan at all. But there's something about this video...something hypnotic about her dancing. Plus, some of those dance moves look like they could take out a midget.

Gilbert Arenas should shut his mouth

Gilbert Arenas should shut his mouth.

That’s right I said it…I want the NBA’s most entertaining personality since Shaq to shut his mouth. And why do I want this to happen?????

Because of two numbers - 13 and $111,000,000.

As entertaining as the guy has been with his Blog, His birthday parties,His Obama Tattoo, His Nicknames, His New house (complete with an illegal Shark tank) he has played in a total of 13 games since 2006 and has yet to step foot on the floor for a minute of action this season.

This after signing a new $111 Million dollar contract with the Wizards. To top it all off Gilbert has already created a couple of crazy headlines this season when he stated that if the wizards weren’t going to make the playoffs they should shoot for the #1 pick. As if that wasn't enough word leaked that he was ready to sign with the Warriors had the Wiz not re-upped him.

To Gilbert I have to ask this - What are you thinking?

You are supposed to be the teams franchise player. You are supposed to be setting an example for the young kids on the team whom you state you mentor on a daily basis. You are supposed to be THE GUY in Washington…yet all you’ve done for the Wizards in the past year and a half is run your mouth and have multiple Knee Surgeries.

Sure its nice to be in the spotlight but you have a duty (see $111 million contract) to this basketball team and to the city to be focused on the task at hand

How about you shut your mouth and get to playing basketball. Then and ONLY then can you say what you want. Just because you have the new contract doesn’t mean you’re back to being the player you once were.

We’ve seen it all too often in the NBA where frequent injuries and new long term contract can kill a players career and hinder a team cap wise for years (I’m looking at you Grant Hill).

Get to fixing your knee, play ball, Prove you’re back and then talk Gil. Then Talk.

Headline News

The Raptors Win BUT......

But it took 15-19 from the floor and 9-10 from the line from Chris Bosh to get it done. Will this happen every night against quality opponents…probably not. The scary thing about it is if he shoots 13 of 19 they probably lose the game.

This guy cannot continue to play 45 minutes against teams like the Bobcats. If this team truly wants to get to the next level they have to have that killer instinct and put teams away so they can let CB4 and Jose rest late in games. This one wasn’t Salami and Cheese’d until less than a minute to go. To prove my point look at the Cavs game, Lebron only had to play 17 minutes against the Thunder before the game was iced. Lebron only played 30 minutes Tuesday in the Cav's Drubbing of the Knicks.

Bosh can't play 45 min a night he just can’t.

Joey “Moonlight” Graham showed up last night. It must be so frustrating to watch him and Jamario Moon if you’re Raptors management. The skills are all there but the execution is hardly ever there….and JUST when you’re ready to give up on them they give you that one good game when you think; maybe we shouldn’t give up on this guy.I say, lets take Graham’s performance last night with a grain of salt…they were playing the Bobcats, NOT the Celtics. Show me something against a good team and maybe I’ll believe.

One other observation from last nights game is that Jose is clearly not 100%. We knew that but I have to ask: why is he playing? I counted 3 times when he had a clear path to the basket for a patented Jose lay up but choose not to turn the corner and just dumped the ball off. This is obviously due to his lack of burst from the Hamstring injury. Jose’s shot was off as well and it looked to me like he wasn’t getting the same lift on his jumpers, also likely due to the Hamstring. Jose was 4 of 10 from the floor and by my count 4 of his misses were WIDE open shots off the curl. Jose would normally stick those.

I appreciate Jose’s dedication and understand that he wants to win and is willing to give it a go at less than 100%. My only point is why…..when they could have rested him the last 3 games along with the few games he did miss. Wouldn’t he be much closer to 100% with the rest and treatment? If he injures this hamstring again and is out for a prolonged period of time this team is finished.

The raptors have Atlanta Friday and then hit the road for a tough stretch of games against the Lakers, Nuggets, Jazz and Trailblazers. They need to protect home court on Friday. Hopefully they can get JO back in the lineup. I hope all you Raptors fans are full from the Salami and Cheese from the Bobcats win because starting Friday you might be starving for a while.

On a separate note This scares the hell out of me. It reminds me why I don't read forums on the Raptors and even though there is likely VERY little validity to it I'm still scared.

(From a RealGm fourm post)

"(many fans wont like to hear this, including myself) BC may have some interest in Marbury if he is waived, possibly puttin him alongside Calderon playing the 2. "

Morning Laugh - Video

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Album Review - Kanye West "808's and Heartbreak"

Let me ask this: Where would music be without Kanye West?

Kanye West does not do Subtle. He does not do humble. He does however give everything he has to his craft….absolutely EVERYTHING.

I say this after seeing his jaw dropping “Glow in the Dark Tour” this summer in Toronto.

Kanye, unlike most artists insisted his performance be just him, on stage showcasing his music. No Band, no backup singers just him….and he pulled it off flawlessly.

There aren’t many artists that I can think of that can pull this off for 1 or 2 songs let alone an entire 1 ½ hour show (save for Lupe Fiasco’s brief appearance onstage at the end of the show). Kanye pulled it off and then some.

So it would be understandable for a someone like Kanye to want to take a break. I mean he is coming off 3 hit records (College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation) in 4 years AND one of the years most successful tours. Wouldn’t you want to take a break and enjoy life for a bit?

Not Kanye West.

He is motivated, driven and always pushing the boundaries of what he’s capable of and what defines music today. So instead of taking time off to enjoy life, Kanye ventured back into the studio where he is most comfortable and proceeded to write, record and produce an entire album from start to finish in 3 months.

Enter “808’s and heartbreak. Kanye’s latest, and most ambitious effort to date.

Those looking for the traditional Kanye West flash won’t find it here. With the exception of a couple of rhymes on the albums best and most accessible track “Paranoid” Kanye has decided to try his hand at singing, albeit with the assistance of today’s most popular Studio tool the Autotune. And not surprisingly it works.

Sticking to distinctly non-hip-hop rhythms and new-wave-era Synths, Kanye has managed to reinvent himself as a vocalist. It’s also VERY important to note that the production on 808's is the best it has ever been...EVER.

Lyrically Kanye has never been more introspective as evidenced by the albums 2nd track “Welcome to the Heartbreak” where he bemoans: “My friend showed me pictures of his kids/And all I could show him were pictures of my cribs/He said his Daughter got a brand-new report card/And all I got was a brand-new sports car.”

The first 2 singles “Love Lockdown and Heartless” set a nice tone for fans venturing into this album. They set a nice scene for what to expect kind of like dipping your toe in before wading into a pool for the first time.

As mentioned the albums best track (other than the 2 singles) is the bouncy Synth infused “Paranoid” which is one of the only tracks where we’re treated to a traditional Kanye verse.

Another standout is the Drum heavy string enriched club anthem “Robocob” where he sings “'Bout the baddest girl I ever seen /Straight up outta movie scene /Who knew she was a drama queen /That'll turn my life to Stephen King's”

Overall Kanye has managed to reinvent himself even if it is for a short time. There is no way he continues this Autotune progression into a new record. In fact one of the things that for me reduces the impact of this album is that I know there is no way this album sustains itself like his other work will 3 years from now when the Autotune phase of music is long dead and buried.

But again that’s reason enough for Kanye to make this album now. So that when people look back on this time in music he can say he made one of the best albums of its time in that mold.

Bottom line is that as long as we have a guy like Kanye West around who is willing to take chances and push not only his own boundaries but the boundaries of music then I think we’re all going to be ok.

So I ask again: Where would music be without Kanye West? I hope we never need to find that out.

8 out of 10

Download these: Paranoid, Robocop, Heartless, Love Lockdown, Welcome to the heartbreak

Headline News

Youtube of the day - Jaime Foxx sings the Brady Bunch

JO's 21 million dollar Knee

After an entire summer of JO telling us that his knee was good to go and the Raptors Brass telling us that they wouldn't have made the deal had there been any worries about his Knee. I read this today:

"I probably would have been done for the year if I wouldn't have had the brace on," O'Neal said.

So basically what he's telling us is that a knee brace saved his season. And they owe this guy about 42 million for this year and next?

My confidence level has never been higher! The raptors better get that guy a brace for his brace.

What's wrong with the Raptors?

The Raptors have had a terribly bad stretch of games recently. A heartbreaking loss to the Nets and then a blowout against the Celtics. They currently sit 1 game under .500 and EVERYONE is calling for Sam Mitchell's head.

I wanted to take a second and step away from all of this and see if that really makes sense.

Tonight's game is what I call a "trap game". They have a beatable opponent in the Bobcats and they are playing at home. This usually ends up with a win......BUT....should they lose well then all hell will break loose.

Should they NOT win tonight the Raptors will be 2 games under .500 with a really tough Sked ahead and ZERO momentum. They have a home game against Atlanta and then they have to head west to face The Lakers, Denver, Utah, an upstart Blazers team before heading home to play the Cavs....YIKES!. You could be looking at a team that is 5-8 games under .500 after that stretch. And if Jose or JO remain injured...well that's a whole other story.

So what do they do to fix this?

How about they get some F'ing talent in here? This is not Mitchell's fault. He's getting the best out of the guys he has. Bosh, Bargs and Jose are having monster years. O'neil is giving them exactly what he was brought here to do (before the injury). The problem is that they have a D-league team as backups. Colangelo gambled by spending very little on the bench and hoping the starters would give them enough to win games. He gambled that the bench would only have to hold its own for 10-12 min a night. WRONG!

You cannot win in this league unless you have a bench...period. I'm sorry but Hassan Adams, Kris Humphries,Jamario moon, Will Solomon and Roko Ukic are not going to get it done...they just aren't and you can't pin that on Smitch. When your best 4 players are playing amazing basketball and you cannot protect a lead at home or on the road you have to look at why...and the reason is NOT the coach.

I understand the frustration from Raptors fans regarding Mitchell. He isn't the best X's and O's Coach in the league. He probably isn't in the top 20 regarding X's and O's in the league but there is more to coaching than drawing up plays. The other side of that coin is that the players are not executing the plays. A perfect example of this was AP heading to the post early against Boston to help JO double KG. The game plan was to have JO play KG one on one...AP doesn't listen and leaves Ray Allen open twice for open looks. This isn't Mitchell's fault...he had a game plan and the players didn't execute.

What Smitch does have is the respect of his players. Enough cannot be said about a coach that has the ear of his players.

For me the blame lies on Colangelo. He put all his eggs in one basket (JO's 21 million dollar basket) and hoped that would do it. There are far too many things that have to go right when a team only has 4 good players (sorry Kapono you're a specialist not a good player and AP your best days are behind you).

I am certain that Colangelo isn't just sitting on his hands and watching this madness ensue. I am sure he's on the phone trying to make deals but the 2 biggest holes, SG/SF and backup PG can't be fixed through trades with the crap the raptors have to deal.

I say let Mitchell finish the season. If this team doesn't turn it around then a change can be made. MLSE isn't likely to eat his salary for this season and the rest of the contract (about 8million after this year) anyway. Although if they're 8 games under .500 then we all know that the first person to go is the coach and I think BC and MLSE will change their tune at that point just to calm the waters.

That being said I honestly don't think a new coach is going to get anymore out of these guys than Smitch is and until the talent is upgraded then I think we all have to be happy with a .500 team.

I'm not giving up on these guys but I was never sold on this JO will fix everything plan and remain sceptical.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Benny Lava

It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. I love you inside Ed.

Hi, Brian

Apparently, Brian Burke will soon be taking over the Leafs. It should be a done deal by the weekend according to all sorts of sites.
Do I care? Maybe a little bit. I've lost some interest in the Leafs over the last few years, but of the few minutes I've caught here and there, they are exciting to watch. But until Brian can sort the mess out, my focus will remain with the Raptors 100%. Hopefully those bums will pick it up soon.

Phone blogging

Vik is trying to blog via phone.

Brappy Blog

White Chocolate is now blogging as a force. Steebo and Vik will be taking charge and letting everyone know whats new and exciting in the world of the WC. Stay tuned.