Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gilbert Arenas should shut his mouth

Gilbert Arenas should shut his mouth.

That’s right I said it…I want the NBA’s most entertaining personality since Shaq to shut his mouth. And why do I want this to happen?????

Because of two numbers - 13 and $111,000,000.

As entertaining as the guy has been with his Blog, His birthday parties,His Obama Tattoo, His Nicknames, His New house (complete with an illegal Shark tank) he has played in a total of 13 games since 2006 and has yet to step foot on the floor for a minute of action this season.

This after signing a new $111 Million dollar contract with the Wizards. To top it all off Gilbert has already created a couple of crazy headlines this season when he stated that if the wizards weren’t going to make the playoffs they should shoot for the #1 pick. As if that wasn't enough word leaked that he was ready to sign with the Warriors had the Wiz not re-upped him.

To Gilbert I have to ask this - What are you thinking?

You are supposed to be the teams franchise player. You are supposed to be setting an example for the young kids on the team whom you state you mentor on a daily basis. You are supposed to be THE GUY in Washington…yet all you’ve done for the Wizards in the past year and a half is run your mouth and have multiple Knee Surgeries.

Sure its nice to be in the spotlight but you have a duty (see $111 million contract) to this basketball team and to the city to be focused on the task at hand

How about you shut your mouth and get to playing basketball. Then and ONLY then can you say what you want. Just because you have the new contract doesn’t mean you’re back to being the player you once were.

We’ve seen it all too often in the NBA where frequent injuries and new long term contract can kill a players career and hinder a team cap wise for years (I’m looking at you Grant Hill).

Get to fixing your knee, play ball, Prove you’re back and then talk Gil. Then Talk.

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Doylay said...

Solid blog.

He should no longer be "Agent 0", "Agent Nothing" would be more accurate!