Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Raptors Win BUT......

But it took 15-19 from the floor and 9-10 from the line from Chris Bosh to get it done. Will this happen every night against quality opponents…probably not. The scary thing about it is if he shoots 13 of 19 they probably lose the game.

This guy cannot continue to play 45 minutes against teams like the Bobcats. If this team truly wants to get to the next level they have to have that killer instinct and put teams away so they can let CB4 and Jose rest late in games. This one wasn’t Salami and Cheese’d until less than a minute to go. To prove my point look at the Cavs game, Lebron only had to play 17 minutes against the Thunder before the game was iced. Lebron only played 30 minutes Tuesday in the Cav's Drubbing of the Knicks.

Bosh can't play 45 min a night he just can’t.

Joey “Moonlight” Graham showed up last night. It must be so frustrating to watch him and Jamario Moon if you’re Raptors management. The skills are all there but the execution is hardly ever there….and JUST when you’re ready to give up on them they give you that one good game when you think; maybe we shouldn’t give up on this guy.I say, lets take Graham’s performance last night with a grain of salt…they were playing the Bobcats, NOT the Celtics. Show me something against a good team and maybe I’ll believe.

One other observation from last nights game is that Jose is clearly not 100%. We knew that but I have to ask: why is he playing? I counted 3 times when he had a clear path to the basket for a patented Jose lay up but choose not to turn the corner and just dumped the ball off. This is obviously due to his lack of burst from the Hamstring injury. Jose’s shot was off as well and it looked to me like he wasn’t getting the same lift on his jumpers, also likely due to the Hamstring. Jose was 4 of 10 from the floor and by my count 4 of his misses were WIDE open shots off the curl. Jose would normally stick those.

I appreciate Jose’s dedication and understand that he wants to win and is willing to give it a go at less than 100%. My only point is why…..when they could have rested him the last 3 games along with the few games he did miss. Wouldn’t he be much closer to 100% with the rest and treatment? If he injures this hamstring again and is out for a prolonged period of time this team is finished.

The raptors have Atlanta Friday and then hit the road for a tough stretch of games against the Lakers, Nuggets, Jazz and Trailblazers. They need to protect home court on Friday. Hopefully they can get JO back in the lineup. I hope all you Raptors fans are full from the Salami and Cheese from the Bobcats win because starting Friday you might be starving for a while.

On a separate note This scares the hell out of me. It reminds me why I don't read forums on the Raptors and even though there is likely VERY little validity to it I'm still scared.

(From a RealGm fourm post)

"(many fans wont like to hear this, including myself) BC may have some interest in Marbury if he is waived, possibly puttin him alongside Calderon playing the 2. "

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