Friday, November 28, 2008

Raptors recap - Point form edition

- Bosh took and missed a 3 pointer with a 7 point lead and 6 minutes to go, the Hawks went back down the floor and made a jumper to make it a 5 point lead.Bosh will not win MVP doing things like that. But 30 pts 10 reb 7 assists and 3 blocks is going to get him MVP consideration. Of course he'll never win unless Kobe and Lebron both get hurt and somebody cuts Chris Pauls fingers off. But he was AWESOME again tonight.

- Chris Bosh's Acne seems to have cleared up nicely. He must be using Pro Active.

- The hawks looked disinterested tonight, no energy all jumpshots and they still had a chance to win.

- AP was very active tonight he defended Joe Johnson by moving his feet and keeping him out of the lane....this is a good sign cause he'll have his hands full with Kobe on Sunday.

- Jose is STILL not 100% his jumper is still off. He looks ok taking them but you can tell by the way they're rimming out that his mechanics are off just a touch.
that HAS to be due to the Hamstring problem.

- Jose can't catch a break. On one play he was HAMMERED to the ground on a screen by Pachulia and then later he rolled his ankle jumping for the ball and then landed on the ball and hit his mouth on the floor poor guy.

- If devlin mentions the elevator story during any other games this season Jack Armstrong should be allowed to slap him.

- "Showey" Graham had some nice dunks tonight.
- The crowd chanting "Joey Joey" was a little unnecessary but also kind of funny.
- in a strange way you do have to respect Joey a little for being ready to play though, it can't be easy warming the bench all season and then being thrown in there and asked to do the things he's been doing. I can't believe I'm saying this but he needs more playing time to see if he can keep it up.

- Bargs was great early in the first quarter and then picked up 2 fouls and disappeared. He needs to learn how to play smart when he's in early foul trouble but he needs to stay aggressive. He has looked every bit the player the raptors thought they drafted this season and I look forward to seeing it more consistentaly.

- Kapono hit some nice shots tonight (6 of 10 shooting). On one outside jumper he took a pass and did his patented vollyball shot where his hand barely touch the ball. I don't know how the guy does it. Imagine just how many shots you have to take in practice to be comfortable taking a shot like that in an NBA game.

- The Goatee on Hawks coach Mike Woodson looks glued on. I love it.

- The raptors suck at home this season and cannot protect a lead. EVER.

- Want to know how bad the raptors bench really is? Ask yourself this question...
How many of the current 12 man raptors roster will not get a new NBA contract and will likely be playing in Europe in 2 years? I'm going to guess 4...I got Will Solomon, Jamario Moon, Joey Graham and Hassan Adams. Obviously I could be wrong but i bet I'm more right than wrong.

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