Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raptors Offseason - More trade thoughts

My last post regarding a deal of bosh to Detroit for Rip and Prince isn't really likely to happen because I think Dumar's would trade one of those two but probably not both. And if I'm Colangelo I don't make a deal for one player and a pooh pooh platter to make salaries match.

Watching the Bulls/Celtics series last night I got to thinking about what teams are most likely to contact the Raptors (seriously) about acquiring Chris Bosh in a trade.

I can guarantee you that the Bulls are HIGH up on that list.

What they needed to advance in that series was a low post scorer. Somebody to throw the ball to on the low block that can score. Without a low post presence they can't succeed and they know that. They have the perimeter pieces and the stud point guard but in a slow it down, half court playoff game, Chris Bosh would have made this a different series.

That said, they are also one of the only teams that have NUMEROUS pieces that they can afford to move to get a deal like this done.

Toronto would covet a number of players on the Bulls roster. And I certainly could live with a deal that looked like this:

To Chicago:

Chris Bosh - PF
2nd round pick

To Toronto:

Luol Deng - SF
Joakim Noah - C
Tyrus Thomas - PF
Anthony Roberson - SG (to make salaries match)

What I'm suggesting here is using the raptors biggest asset, Bosh to get 3 players that posses skills that this team lacks. Wing scoring, Rebounding, toughness and energy. Not to mention that all the players involved are young and have reasonable contracts going forward.

In Deng they get their starting SF. Noah is the energy rebounder they could bring off the bench and amp up the ACC crowd. AndThomas gives them a shot blocker and rebounder at the PF spot. He isn't the scorer that Bosh is but I think that Bargnani and Deng can fill that role in Bosh's absence.

Some might suggest that this is too much to give up for the Bulls but consider that Deng didn't even play in their 1st round series and bosh would be a huge upgrade over Thomas and so really all they're losing is Noah.

Toronto could then add their 1st round pick (likely a PG or SG). Bring back Delfino and Parker and then sign another free agent SG or PG (whatever they don't find in the draft)

The team would look like this:

Calderon - PG
Deng - SF
Bargnani - Center
Delfino - SG
Thomas- PF


Parker - SG
Noah - Center
Kapono - SF
1st round pick
Humphries - PF
Ukic - PG
Roberson - SG
O'Bryant - C
Banks - PG

Again just something I'm putting out there. Do I think it will happen? Hell no.

Let me know your thoughts.

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