Sunday, April 26, 2009

Raptors Offseason - I'm just putting this out there

First of all...THANK YOU to Chicago and Boston. Their game today and their game's 1 and 2 of this series are as good as any I've seen ever in a first round.

Anyway with Detroit now out and looking to rebuild I had a thought.

What if the Raptors traded Chris Bosh and Jason Kapono to the Pistons for Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. I would think Toronto would also have to swap 1st round picks to make this happen but it would address both the starting SG and SF issues. Give Toronto now 2 go to scoring options instead of one with bosh. Also it adds length and rebounding at the SF position and gives Toronto a slasher in Rip.
I would certainly try to get this deal done without swapping picks with the Pistons which might work considering the length of Rip and Tay's contracts. Keeping the pick, likely to be around 9, could shore up the backup PG spot landing the Raptors a PG like North Carolina's Ty Lawson.

The Raptors would also STILL retain the cap space they gained with Marion's contract coming off the books which they could use to lure somebody like Charlie Villanueva (16 pts 7 reb last season in 11 less min than bosh) , Lamar Odom or Mehmet Okur to Toronto to start in place of Bosh. They could then look to sign Anthony Parker to come off the bench at SG and also run the point as he did this season in a backup roll.

Not sure how much cap space they'd have but they could look at bringing Rasho or Delfino back or try to add a guy like Walter Hermann who is a free agent.

A starting 5 would look like this

PG - Jose Calderon
SG - Richard Hamilton
SF - Tayshaun Prince
PF - Charlie V/Lamar Odom/Mehmet Okur
C - Andrea Bargnani


Anthony parker or Carlos Delfino
Rasho Nesterovich
Kris Humphries
Roko Ukic
Marcus Banks
Nathan Jawai
Quincy Douby
Patrick Obryant
1st round pick

Obviously the biggest obstacle is signing somebody at a reasonable rate to replace bosh. Then using the rest of the money to bring in guys to round out the bench.

Just a thought and probably a real long shot.


Anonymous said...

Weak trade.... I'd rather Johnson/Bynum/Prince and Detroit 1st round (next year or two) for Bosh/Kapono (assuming salaries work)

Steeebo said...

johnson/Bynum Prince for bosh and JK doesn't work salary wise.

Anonymous said...

you don't need to find someone to replace bosh. Just move Bargs to PF and resign rasho to start C or a defensive/rebounding Center.

But i don't think the pistons will give them up because they won't have anything left.

jonnyf said...

Honestly, you expect Detroit to give up Rip & Tay for CB and JK? 2 HQ players for one HQ player and one underachiever? keep smoking.

duncan said...

Nice theory, but I'd be shocked if Detroit included both of those players. One or the other, and the deal would be done. But both is too much for Dumars.

Steeebo said...

I don't expect Detroit to 'give up' anyone for free. I suggested that the raptors would likely have to swap 1st rd draft picks with detroit to get this deal done. Detroit would get an 4 time All-star and a top 10 pick. Plus Kapono who only has 2 yrs left on a deal.

Keep in mind that both Prince and Rip are on expensive long term contracts. Detroit might want some long term flexibility and this gives them that while also giving them a start to build around and another young piece in the draft.