Sunday, December 28, 2008

Raptors Recap - The "How long before a change is made" Edition

The raptors lost another last night. Yes the Trailblazers are a better team but the Raptors also had and lost another double digit lead.

You have to wonder just how long its going to be before Colangelo gets a Bona Fide Swing man in here. Bosh and O'Neil had huge games again last night but that obviously isn't enough for this team to win. We have seen that far too often.

The Raptors shot the ball well in the first half but tighter defensive rotations in the second half and an offensive explosion from Brandon Roy did them in.

A quick look at the stats from the perimeter guys from the Raptors last night and you can see why they lost.

Kapono 0-5 fg zero points 32 min
Parker 2-6 fg six points 22 min
Graham 0-0 fg zero points 12 min
Moon 4-8 fg eight points 29 min

Add all of that up you a grand total of 14 points on 6-19 FG (32%) in a total of 95 min played. If that is the production you're getting from the Swing position then you are not going to win a game. Combine that with the fact that defensively they let Roy go off for 32 points on 14-19 FG (74%) 9 assists in 38 min.

That is truly awful "production".

Changes need to be made and soon or this season will be over.

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