Saturday, July 4, 2009

Raptors Off Season - Explaining the Raptors Cap situation

I found the following HERE. It does a good job of explaining what the Hedo Turkoglu signing means to the Raptors Salary Cap.

Signing Hedo will take up all (or almost all) the cap space. If we had re-signed Marion and gone over the cap, we would've been able to use the MLE since we had Marion's bird rights. Since we are spending all the cap space on a new player, we cannot use the MLE. Note also that there is quite a bit of room between the cap and hitting the luxury tax, which is designed to let teams re-sign their existing players, so there is really no chance of us hitting the luxury tax.

If we sign Turkoglu, there are only a few options:

1) Biannual exception; should be around $1.5-1.8 million
2) Minimum contracts
3) Sign-and-trade AP, Delfino, or Marion for a pick and a trade exception. Then flip the pick and trade exception for a player. In a sign-and-trade, we cannot take on any salary because it would prevent us from signing Turkoglu, so that's why we would have to make use of a trade exception.

BC must have something else up his sleeve, or else this roster is going to be extremely lacking in depth.

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