Thursday, July 9, 2009

Raptors Off Season - Bryan Colangelo:Jedi Master

Well wasn't that a turn of events!

Go to sleep thinking the best the Raptors would do in the Marion Sign and Trade would be a 2nd round pick. Only to wake up today to see that in some crazy turn of events Colangelo has managed to involve Orlando (who get a HUGE 10 million Trade Exception) and retain the Mid Level and Bi annual exceptions as well as obtain Antoine Wright and Devon George.

The deal which isn't finalized yet breaks down like this (from Fanhouse):

The trade involves the Mavs, Raptors, Magic and Grizzlies. It sends Marion (5 years, $39 million), Kris Humphries and Greg Buckner to Dallas; Jerry Stackhouse (gonna be waived), Quincy Douby and cash to Memphis; and Hedo Turkoglu (5 years, $53 million), Antoine Wright and Devean George to Toronto(both have expiring deals). The Magic get a trade exception in exchange for Hedo, and Toronto gets to keep their mid-level exception money since Hedo becomes a trade acquisition.

Basically Colangelo saved this team.

He can build a bench now likely adding Carlos Delfino. The departure of Humphries likely means the return of Rasho Nesterovic. He will in all likelihood have money to also get a decent backup point guard as Jose insurance.

The lineup from what I gather will happen and I'm just speculating will look something like this:

PG Calderon, Ukic, Free agent, Banks
SG Delfino, DeRozan, Wright
SF Turkoglu, George
PF Bosh, Evans
C Bargnani, Nesterovic, O'Bryant, Jawai

Now I realize that is too many bodies so hoping for a backup point might be a bit much to ask but still!

Regardless I am amazed that Colangelo was able to Jedi mind trick 3 other teams into helping him.

So today I bow to you Mr. Colangelo. I Bow to you and say thank you. Thank you and congrats on your 3rd EOY!

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