Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raptors Offseason - Day before the draft Trade thoughts

24 hours until the draft and its pretty clear that the Raptors have narrowed their choices to 5 guys. Holiday, DeRozan, Johnson, Hill and Henderson.

To me none of these guys help this team win now. Sure there is upside and down the road they could be contributors but in a draft full of backups I would try to flip the pick for somebody that can start.

Therefore I propose the following deal.

Toronto Trades:

#9 overall pick
Kris Humphries (3.2 million 1 yrs remaining)
Nathan Jawai ($442,000 only partially guaranteed)
Quincy Douby ($1.42 million 1 yr partially guaranteed)
Marcus Banks (4.2 million 3 yrs remaining)

Detroit Trades:

#15 overall pick
Richard Hamilton (10.8 million 4 yrs remaining)

Now this deal looks like a steal for the Raptors but keep in mind Hamilton's contract is terrible. He is probably at or a year past his prime and his contract in a couple years will be tough to swallow. Detroit wants out of the deal and would immediately renounce the options on Jawai and Douby saving themselves 2 million this year to help sign Gordon and Boozer. They'd gain a top 10 pick as well.
Banks Deal while awful is shorter than Rip. Humphries can help off the bench and his deal as well is only 1 more year at a reasonable rate.

To me one of the biggest concerns for the raptors is that they have 4 million on the books for 3 yrs with banks ANYWAY. So consider the first three years of Rips contract to be at 6 million (because they'd be paying banks 4 if he stayed).
Plus they could grab a backup PG like Lawson with the 15th pick.

If the pistons aren't willing to bite then BC should buy a late first rounder and flip that pick to the pistons in the deal.

Just a thought.

We'll all be watching tomorrow.

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