Sunday, June 14, 2009

Raptors - Off season begins

Brian Colangelo finally righted another wrong this week sending Jason Kapono to the Sixers for Reggie Evans. Two seasons ago Colangelo spent the teams mid level exception on Kapono even though it was clear the team needed an athletic wing player. At that time players like Pietrus and Matt Barnes were available and after watching Pietrus in the playoffs if soured me even more knowing that Kapono was here instead of him.

Getting value back for Kapono is nice to see. Evans brings a lot of things that this team is lacking. Rebounding, Grit and toughness all at a reasonable salary. He's not a flashy player and hasn't won any three point shooting contests but he WILL help this team. The only downside I can see with Evans is that his offensive game is a liability and he is a terrible free throw shooter which makes it difficult to have him on the floor late in close games. Overall though I am happy with this deal.
It fills a huge need for the Dinos and saves them some cap space as well.

What I'm not happy with are the rumors and BC's statements that he intends on bringing Marion back. Unless its for 5-6 million a season I don't see this as a good move. If Marion gets 8-10 million a season for 3-4 seasons I view that as a terrible investment. Marion can't shoot or create his own shot. He runs the floor well and is a good rebounder for his position but I can't see how investing that kind of money on a guy who rely's mostly on his athleticism is a smart idea. Marion is getting older and his legs aren't likely to be the same 2 seasons from now and the back end of a contract on a guy like marion could be similar to the Kapono deal all over again. I like marion in Toronto but it has to be at the right price and I have a feeling that BC is going to have to overpay to keep him.

The Draft is certainly going to be interesting as I fully expect BC to buy a second late first rounder. Having 2 picks in this draft is a great way to add depth to the roster with reasonable contracts.

The other major question mark is at Shooting Guard. BC has made it clear that he is seriously looking at bringing back Delfino and again I'm not sold on this idea. I think if BC wants to do that it has to be at the right price. Delfino to me isn't that big of an upgrade over Anthony Parker. Speaking of Parker I am hoping that he is willing to take a pay cut to stay with the team. He seems like he is a great locker room guy and would be great to have coming off the bench. I hope the same for a guy like Rasho Nesterovic. Bringing him back to backup Bargnani at Center would be great to see.

My final thought is regarding the rumors on Bosh. We all knew there would be a lot of trade rumors regarding CB4 and I was not surprised that he isn't extending his contract and will wait until 2010 to make a decision. I do think that BC is being closed minded to not consider dealing Bosh. This is an opportunity to make a deal to get 2 or 3 KEY players and possibly draft picks. Bosh stock has never been higher and you will NOT get better value for him at any other time. If I were BC I would look at a deal with Miami for Beasley, Haslem and Blounts expiring contract (8.5 mil) and a first or 2nd round pick for Bosh.

Bosh is pretty much going to give you 20 and 10 every year. I think Beasley can be a 17-8 guy possibly better (he avg 14 an 5 last yr in 24 min a night). Why wouldn't you make this move? What do you really lose other than a big name. The Raptors would get a guy to replace Bosh who is younger and has the potential to be great. They Gain Cap space for 2010 and they get Haslem and possibly something of value in the Draft.

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