Thursday, March 26, 2009

Album Review - The Veils "Sun Gangs"

The Veils have been through many changes since their inception in 2002. But while the band has seen its share of band members come and go, the pillar known as Finn Andrews has remained the same. This time around the band has provided a nice blend of songs ranging from gritty rock anthems, to some more subdued, even eerie pieces, resulting in what can only be described as their most diverse record to date.

Lead singer Finn Andrews, who is known for his vocal flexibility, returns on Sun Gangs with more of the same incredible vocals here. On songs such as "Three Sisters" and "Larkspur" Andrews' voice is at its grittiest, sometimes moving into frantic territory.

On the other hand, songs like "Sun Gangs" and "Scarecrow" expose a softer, more vulnerable side of Andrews' vocals. Appropriately, when the accompanying music is at its softest, Andrews' vocals mimic the mood perfectly, almost as if adapting to circumstances it is put in.

Among the 'rockiest' moments on the album is "Killed by the Boom" which describes the untimely death of some sort of dancer to a wail of screeching guitars and pounding drums.

Two of the albums best tracks, “It Hits Deep” and the 60’s inspired “The House She Lived In” reveal a folk rock side of The Veils.

Overall this is another amazing record from the Veils. My only complaint, is that its too short. 10 tracks just isn't enough.

8.5 out of 10

Download these - "The House she lived in", "It Hits Deep", "The Letter", "Killed by the Boom", "Sit Down By The Fire", "Three Sisters"

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