Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raptors Recap - The "Skin of their Teeth" Edition

The game last night in New Jersey was as close to a must win game as you can get before the all-star break. If this team has any sort of shot at a playoff spot they had to get that game last night. Back healthy and with the backup PG spot sorted out this team is poised to go on a run.

However the Nets had other plans. Toronto weathered the storm and somehow got the win last night. They withstood 16 first quarter points from Vince Carter, who hit 4 three's in the quarter. They withstood another huge late game run by the nets and narrowly escaped defeat when Devin Harris missed a WIDE open jumper after breaking Joey Graham's ankles. A couple things struck me as odd on the play however. Harris had 20 seconds and the ball and waited until about 7-8 seconds were left to make his move. Also Laurence Frank didn't call a timeout to run a play. Sure they got a good shot but I honestly think the Raptors stole one last night.

How'd they do it? Anthony Parkery and Jose Calderon that's how. I don't know whats gotten into Ap but since being slotted in to backup Jose he has been on fire. I think that ANY notion the Raptors may have had to trade him and his expiring contract before the Feb 19th deadline have to be forgotten. This team needs him.
Calderon was awesome again running the point posting another double double.

Bargnani had an off night and I think we can contribute that to him trimming that beard of his.

JO has been ok off the bench. He needs to find his legs though. I can't see the Heat making a deal for him or anyone until much closer to the deadline. The Heat are going pretty good right now and I think they want to see where they are playoff wise before making a deal.

The Raptors have another must win tomorrow at home against the BUcks and hopefully can parley that into maybe a 2-2 record once they face the magic,cavs, lakers and hornets starting Sunday.

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