Saturday, January 3, 2009

Raptors Recap - The "can they build on this" Edition

So a win. A blowout win. At home. Can they build on this?

Well the answer we all want to hear is yes but with the Magic coming to town Sunday my gut feeling is that they will likely lose that one and probably in convincing fashion.

Especially if O'neil and now Calderon aren't able to play. They do have the Bucks early next week and I'm thinking if they can get that one then maybe just maybe they can get things going.

Last nights game was on TSN 2 again so I was only able to catch it in the abbreviated Game in an Hour. From what I saw, the Rockets looked totally disinterested the entire game. T-mac provided a mail-in performance that was worthy of his Cousin Vince Carter.
On one play Moon has the ball driving to the rim against T-mac. Instead of trying to wrap Moon up or strip the ball or even hustle back he just let moon by for a dunk. Awful awful play for McGrady.

Bargnani looked good for the second straight game. He was aggressive with the ball and wasn't afraid to mix it up a little with Yao on the block.

I am happy to see Parker back in the starting line up. I think we can all agree that Kapono is a specialist and when he was starting and being asked to create his own shot he was awful.

I'm hoping the Raps can build on this but like I said I think that will start next week in Milwaukee. If they can somehow manage a win against the magic without Jose and JO well then that would be a new year miracle.

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