Friday, January 23, 2009

Raptors Game Day- All you need is cap space

The Raptors finish their road trip tonight in Chicago against the Bulls.

Rumours are still floating that a deal for O'neil to the Heat for Marion is close as teams exchanged medical records for the players yesterday.

I think that this deal is still likely to go down if O'neil shows in the next 2-3 games that he's healthy.

The deal basically means the Raptors rent Marion for the rest of the season and then have his whopping 17.5 million dollar contract to use to fix this team in the off season.

People are starting to get on Colangelo's back here in Toronto and I've started wondering why. Despite his off season gamble on O'neil he has still turned this team around. Sure they have underachieved this season but so have numerous other teams that made bold moves such as Philly.

Colangelo is still the guy with the reputation and 2 executive of the year awards. So I say to everyone in the city, just cool it. There is NOBODY else out there that can turn this team around. NOBODY.

I remember back to the 2006 season when they dropped Jalen Rose's contract and BC came into town with a tonne of cap space and turned this team around in much less time than anyone thought. Heck they won a Divison championship the following season!

I have no doubt that he can stretch the almighty dollar to get the right players and the right coach in here to make this team relevant again. Remember, he still has a franchise player in Bosh. An all star caliber point guard in Calderon. Andrea Bargnani is finally playing up to expectations AND he'll have a decent 1st round pick. That's a pretty good nucleus to build around.

Its not going to take much. All he needs is Marion's expiring contract and he'll get it done. Have Faith!

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