Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cuban keep your mits off Bargnani....but can we interest you in a Pooh pooh platter of O'neil and Kapono

It would appear that Brian Colangelo didn't appreciate the rumors earlier today that he was shipping Andrea Bargnani off to the Mavericks for Josh Howard.

So Raptor fans it sounds as though nothing major is imminent.

I still think a match might be able to be made in Dallas. I was looking over the rosters and found this trade which works under the Trade machine. Basically its as follows:

Toronto trades - Jermaine O'neil and Jason Kapono to Dallas
Dallas Trades - Josh Howard, Jerry Stackhouse and DeSagna Diop to Toronto

It helps Dallas with a big guy in the post and cap room in 2010 as well as a big time shooter in Kapono. This also rids them of Diop's awful contract. It also rids them of Stackhouses contract (7 million a year) a year early.

The upside for the Raptors is obvious.

Howard gives them the wing they need and Diop as a backup in the middle even though his contract stinks (4 more yrs and 20 million). Stackhouse give them a little more depth at SG if Parker doesn't return after this season.

The Raptors lose their major cap flexibility in 2010 but really what does it matter if they have cap space then because Bosh won't be back if they continue losing.

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