Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sam Mitchell - Has he given up or changed his ways?

Anyone that has watched this team under Mitchell's command in the past 4 seasons knows that it has always been Smitch's style to pace up and down the sideline and scream as loud as he can at his guys.

Over the past 5 or 6 Raptors games I have noticed a decided change in Sam Mitchell. And I'm not talking about the exponential growth of his bald sport or his change back to glasses (after having laser eye surgery in the off season). I'm talking about his sitting down for the majority of games.

Present still are the looks of total exasperation and his classic post game press conferences but Sam isn't the Same pacing screaming, clipboard waving Sam of the past during games. Its made me wonder whether this is Sam trying something new or whether its a signal to management. A subtle way of him saying "I've done everything I can to get these guys to follow the game plan but they just don't".

In the preseason we read stories of how Mitchell was going to try to be a kinder gentler coach and his first step was to stop the cursing. I wonder if this is part of his plan to be a better coach or if he has really given up.

This could be nothing and this could be something but my guess is its something to keep a close eye on.

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Popsicle said...

So I'm watching the Denver game and thinking to myself, how can Bosh be "superstar" or "mvp" if he doesn't show up against the top teams who have superstars and mvp's of their own? Is it intimedation? He looks like he's scared.. there's no fire. Bargs has been more agressive.