Monday, December 8, 2008

Raptors recap - The time to Panic edition?

I feel bad for Jay Triano. He's been thrown into this situation which is about as lousy as it can be. He had to finish a terrible road trip which was already in the crapper when he took over. Then he had to come home and play the Blazers who have a million weapons at their disposal. Now he has to go on the road to play Lebron and the Cavs.

Is this the time to panic? I don't thinks its to that point yet. It is still incredibly early in the season and although the past few games have been bad I think there are better things on the horizon for these guys. I guess I should say I HOPE there are better things anyway.

A few thoughts on the game...which we were at by the way.

- Anthony Parker did a great job on Roy in the first half, he had a couple of steals, forced him into the help and basically shut him down. Which was nice to see especially after reading Roy's remarks following the Blazers loss to the Celtics when he said "Half of those moves I did tonight,'' Roy said after the game in Boston. "They are going to work against Toronto. Roy was 5 of 16 from the field. Good job AP.

-Unfortunately for Parker playing solid D on the other teams best player usually means his offensive game suffers which it did on Sunday.

- Bosh has not played well lately. He was ok against the Jazz and then ok again yesterday. That play at the end of the game was awful. I'm wondering if his hectic summer combined with the west coast trip have caught up to him a bit or whether he's just had a couple off nights. He was outplayed by Aldridge and his 4 free throw attempts yesterday is not enough for these guys to win.

- The final play. Bosh has to be quicker with his decision making. Triano said that he didn't catch the ball where they wanted him to, which was obvious as I'm sure he didn't draw up a play for bosh to create a shot starting at the three point line...but even so he can't wait until 1 second on the clock to get a shot up. He has to try to draw the double and kick it out or get fouled not force up an off balance shot with 1 to go.

- Oden looks 50 years old in person as well its not just a rumour.

- Rudy Fernandez is Awesome. I love his game. I wish he was a raptor.

- Joey Graham has played very well lately. Everything he's done the past 2 games has been going to the rim STRONG. He's been playing the 4 which I think suits him. He can use his strength and quickness to his advantage. His 2nd half dunk was RIDICULES!

- Jose finally looks like he's almost 100%, He finished at the rim a couple times yesterday and his jumper seems to be back on track. Not to mention the 2 handed dunk he showed in the pregame warm up.

- So I think we can all expect another loss tomorrow in Cleveland and then what? well TJ and the pacers are here Wednesday and then the hated Nets again friday. Wed and Friday are as close to MUST win games as you can get. If they lose 2 or even all 3 of these next games THEN I think you can press the panic button.

P.S Portand's sideline reporter Rebecca Haarlow is quite hot (see below)

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