Friday, December 19, 2008

Raptors Recap - the "Sky is falling, let the trade talk begin" Edition

The raptors lose again tonight against the NBA's WORST team OKC Thunder. This is officially time to panic if you're a Raptors fan.

The Raptors now have to go into San Antonio tomorrow night after one of the worst losses in franchise history not to mention having lost 9 of their last 11 games.
The Raptors are not playing with Confidence and have zero swagger.

This season could very well be over after this road trip if they don't get a couple of wins out of it.

All that said I've been trolling the Raptors boards on the net to see just how crazy Raptor fans can be. I've found some CRAZY trade scenarios and some not so crazy scenarios. I thought it might be fun to list a few of the ones I found. I'm not saying any of these will or should happen but I'm sure that Colangelo is going to have to do something soon.

Here's what I came across:

Scenario 1

Toronto Trades - Chris Bosh and Anthony Parker to Portland
Portland Trades - LaMarcus Aldridge, Travis Outlaw, Raef LaFrentz ($13 million expiring contract)2009 1st round pick

Analysis - I like this trade a lot. Brings back a very good, very young big in Aldrige and give the raptors a wing in Outlaw, also some cap flexibility and maybe they can get a steal in the late 1st round. I would certainly try to pry Rudy Fernandez from them though. I don't think Portland makes this deal though because they'd mortgage too much of their future by losing Aldridge and Outlaw with no guarantee bosh resigns in 2010. That said if Toronto is in fact going to trade Bosh, I think portland is where they need to look. They have the pieces Toronto needs to improve.

Scenario 2

Toronto trades - Chris Bosh and Jason Kapono to New Orleans
New Orleans trades - David West and Peja Stojakovic to Toronto

Analysis - This deal might work but considering the Hornets are playing well right now I doubt they make this deal. PLus peja is a little too old and injury prone for my liking.

Scenario 3 -

Toronto Trades - Andrea Bargnani and Jason Kapono to Milwaukee
Milwaukee Trades - Richard Jefferson to Toronto

Analysis - Milwaukee is still struggling and might be looking to rebuild. I'm unsure whether Jefferson fits into their plans (13 million a season). If Colangelo can make this deal I'd do it in a second. RJ is exactly what they need on the wing. He's a scorer that creates his own shot, rebounds and gets to the line.

Scenario 4 -

Toronto Trades - Andrea Bargnani and Will Solomon to Milwaukee
Milwaukee Trades - Charlie Villanoava and Tyron Lu to Toronto

Analysis - This trade would more than signify that Colangelo made a mistake Drafting Andrea. I'm not sure how much of an upgrade CV would be. He's basically the same player Bargnani is and I still think Bargnani has more potential than CV does. Adding Lu is an interesting scenario as he would solidify the backup PG spot.

I doubt any of these deals happen but after tonights loss I expect the ESPN Trade machine to be working overtime from Raptor fans.

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