Monday, December 15, 2008

Raptors Recap - The "I didn't need to see it to know they Suck" Edition

I haven't seen one minute of the raptors game thanks to the wonderful folks at MLSE and TSN. Was I mad? Maybe a little but, I knew after Friday's blow out that they would lose tonight. Starting Kapono over Parker is like trying to choose between kissing your mom and your the end of the day it just doesn't matter.

This team is spinning its wheels on route to what will be a .500 season. This team can't win games they HAVE to win at home. Its not like they play in Jersey either. The ACC should be a decided advantage for them yet they always seem to play tight at home. There is no excuse that they could provide that would explain it. New coach or not this team has reached a point where expectations aren't enough...results are necessary and maybe a .500 season gets them to the playoffs but I for one don't care. With the way they are playing its not going to matter because at this rate it will be a 4 game sweep.

I leave you with this stat: Andrea Bargnani is shooting 27% from the field (16% from 3pt) in the month of December.


Merry Christmas Raptor fans

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