Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Raptors Game Day - The "State of the Raptors"

As we close the books on 2008 and look ahead to all things great in 2009 I figured it was time to provide a state of the Raptors address.

Can this team literally shut the door on 2008 and look ahead to bigger and better things in 09'? Can they turn it around and get to where they want/need to be?

When this losing slide began I maintained that this is at the very least a .500 team. But since then losses against OKC and Golden State have me rethinking that mark.

To put things in perspective the Raptors have to go 29-22 to finish the season AT .500.

That to me seems like an awfully difficult task for this team which has been extremely inconsistent. They have shown that they cannot close out games, defend the perimeter or protect their home court.

Do I think the Raptors should shut things down and tank the season for a high draft pick? The simple answer is NO. I think they should continue to play hard, hope Colangelo can get somebody in here that will help them and hope for the best.

At this point in the season I'm not sure a .500 season gets them to the playoffs. If it does it likely gets them a matchup with Cleveland or Boston which we all know is a sure 4 game exit. But I want to watch a team that still competes. Perhaps they can play a spoiler later on in the season.

I honestly think this team is about where they should be give or take a game or two.I had very low expectations when BC traded every desirable asset for O'neil. The team needs a stronger bench and a legit starting Wing and until they get that they aren't going to be much more than they are now.

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