Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Raptors Game day - The "At least they have a sense of Humor" Edition

Just a quick note. The games on TSN 2 again which means most of the GTA (including myself) can't watch them get lambasted by the Mavs.

Hopefully I can catch the Game in an hour later on tonight but who knows if I'll be at all motivated enough to stay up and watch it.

That said a funny thing did happen today. As always I received a lovely email from the Raptors and MLSE as I am a Raptors Insider. The funny thing was it arrived in my inbox and the title of the email was "Raptors Aim To Rebound Against Mavs". I had a nice chuckle about this as we all know the Rebounding wows this teams has experienced of late. It is nice to see that they can at least laugh at themselves.

Anyway for those that don't have TSN 2 enjoy Secret Millionaie.

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