Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Predictions - What will the Raptors Record look like come 2009?

I was looking at the Schedule today and thought it would be interesting to see whether the Raptors could get through the rest of 09' in a respectable manner. They currently stand 10-14 which is good for 10th place in the East.

Their next 8 games are really tough as they have to head out west again starting this weekend for another 5 games. The remaining games this year are as follows:(with my predictions included):

Dec 17 - Home vs Mavericks: Loss
Dec 19 - Road @ Thunder: Win
Dec 20 - Road @ Spurs: Loss
Dec 22 - Road @ Clippers: Win
Dec 26 - Road @ Kings: Win
Dec 27 - Road @ Blazers: Loss
Dec 29 - Road @ Warriors: Loss
Dec 31 - Home vs Nuggets: Loss

That is an incredibly tough stretch of games, especially the 2 back to backs. I would normally predict a win against Golden state but that game is the second night of the back to back and the last game of the trip and I just don't think they'll get it done.

So if my predictions are correct then this team will head into January with a record of 13 - 19. OUCH!

Their next 10 look like this:

Jan 2 - Home vs Houston: Loss
Jan 4 - Home vs Orlando: Loss
Jan 5 - Road @ Milwaukee: Win
Jan 7 - Road @ Washington: Win
Jan 9 - Home vs Memphis: Win
Jan 11 - Home vs Boston:loss
Jan 12 - Road @ Boston :loss
Jan 14 - Home vs Chicago:Win
Jan 16 - Road @ Indiana: Win
Jan 18 - Home vs Phoenix: Loss

Another .500 stretch. This puts their record at 18-24. And that's provided they win EVERY "winnable" game in this stretch. This team doesn't inspire confidence that they can beat a decent team let alone a good one so the games against Boston and others are almost Guaranteed losses. They have also yet to prove they can defend their home court which is troubling.

All that said they ABSOLUTELY have to get the games they should win over this period (wizards, bucks, pacers ect.) to even have a shot at the playoffs. If they slip up (like they have been doing ie. 2 losses to the Nets ect) then the season could be over come the middle of January. Doug Smith wrote today that Colangelo isn't likely to make any moves until the new year due to the holidays and I think my assessment of the games aboves proves that he should NOT wait to make a move.

So lets just hope Colangelo puts something under our tree this Christmas in the form of a slashing/rebounding Wing. If he doesn't do it before Christmas it may be too late.

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