Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to Sam Mitchell - A Farewell Poem

Sam Mitchell you’re gone
Now the pressure is on
For the team that on paper
Looks to be so much greater

Cause when out on the court
They always come up short
Which is only a surprise
in Colangelo’s Eyes

This team is not going to win
Playing Will Solomon
or that globetrotter Moon
Who’ll see the D-league again soon

Sam its been fun
You had a good run
a coach of the year
a division banner

Oh the things that we’ll miss
Sam I’ll make a list
Your Snarl and your Wit
you never took $hi!
You were grumpy and sad
most days you were mad
when the team wasn’t hot
you’d say they didn’t make “Shaats”

So Look on the bright side
The paychecks still arrive
And give you 8 million reasons
To be happy this season

Its over for you
But not for this crew
There’s a new interim coach
the team’s brimming with hope

So Jay Triano’s the man
Let’s hope he has a good plan
Cause at the end of the day he still has Joey Graham

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