Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jose vs TJ - Who ya Got?

T.J Ford returns to the ACC tonight to face the struggling Raptors. I'm sure knowing Raptors fans that Ford will be met with angst tonight as he is introduced.

I for one certainly don't think he deserves it. I think TJ played hard while he was here in Toronto and was one of the main reasons that they were able to turn things around and make the playoffs 2 straight seasons. It was clear however near the end of last season that the Calderford/Forderon experiment had to be broken up. The general consensus this off season was to trade Ford and make Jose Calderon the man. I was on board 100% for this plan and when the trigger was pulled to send TJ to Indiana for Jermaine O'neil I was a tad bit skeptical. I felt the need for a swing man outweighed the need for a 21 million dollar center but that's just my opinion.

I do not doubt Jose's ability to run this team. He is efficient and his decision making is usually very good. However his style of play suited Sam Mitchell's, run a play on every posession type offence (granted it was usually the same play). Its interesting watching Jose try to adapt to a more run and gun style that Triano is now trying to run. I wonder if TJ wouldn't be a little more welcome around these parts now that Smitch is gone and Triano is at the helm. I found a really good article breaking down both PG's statistically on RealGm. The bottom line on it was that Jose is really only better because he plays 18% more of the games based on injury history.

I think at the end of the day Calderon will be able to adapt and he is certainly the more team oriented guy. Its just interesting to wonder what if.

I expect TJ to be a man possessed tonight and to attack the paint at every opportunity. Jose can't guard his first step so the help D will have to be there tonight and there rotations will have to be crisp.

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