Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Album Review - Coldplay's Prospekts March EP

A little background to begin.

Prospekts March was born out of studio sessions and material that was cut from the Viva La Vida/or death and all his friends experience. In the Summer of 08' lead singer Chris Martin claimed the tracks weren't quite polished enough in time for inclusion in Viva La Vida, but insists they had always been intended as part of that collection. He then went on to say that the material "might be considered too catchy or too heavy for Coldplay songs." This seemed reason enough for the band not rush and "polish" the material in time for VLV.

After hearing this album there is no denying that it was born out of the VLV creative sessions with producer Brian Eno. Almost like a little Brother to its big Bro Viva La Vida this is as complete an EP as you could ask for. Since there are only 8 tracks (2 of which are basically re-releases fom VLV) I figured I'd review the album track by track.

1. Life in Technicolor II - For those that heard the opener to Viva La vida and thought it would be better with lyrics…..well your wish is granted. It was widely reported during the VLV sessions that the band had written and recorded great lyrics to this song but in the interest of album flow they took the direction of their producer Brian Eno and decided to make it an instrumental. Which, for VLV was ultimately the right decision. You have to respect a bands decision to nix a song as good as this from their album. All that said, "Life in Technicolor II" is hugely satisfying and develops Viva La Vida's addictive intro track with belting and uplifting guitar and vocals. As it was on Viva La Vida this is a Great opener.

2. Postcards from Faraway – A Gorgeous piano piece, which sadly ends at 48 seconds. This brings me to a point a friend of mine made about it "if you're going to write a gorgeous piano piece and you're Chris Martin why not make it a full song". Agreed.

3.Glass of Water - This could be one of the top 5 Coldplay songs of all time. A soaring Rock song in which Martin laments "He heard you could see your future/Inside a glass of water/ the ripples and the rhymes/He asked 'Will I see heaven in mine". The Chorus on this song is as good as any that I have heard all year. I just wish they had played this live when I saw them in July. If this isn't released as a single I'd be shocked. This song alone makes the EP worth buying.

4.Rainy Days – Strange opening to this one. It has a real U2 feel to it and this includes the muffled vocals. That is until the Chorus kicks in and we get Vintage Chris martin over a lovely bed of Strings singing "I love it when you come over the house /I love it when you come over to my house." The guitar work over the Chorus is wonderful as well.

5. Prospekts March/Poppyfields – like a Parachutes track, slow strummed with Martin pensive in mid-register, before opening up into some slowly rising/celestial production and Pink Floyd like guitars. The lyrics while Cheesy (what Chris martin lyrics aren't) are simple and great "don't you wish your life could be as simple/as fish swimming round in a barrel when you've got the gun" you know what Chris Martin…I Do wish that.

6.Lost + - This Track was billed by Martin to be the same Lost track from VLV with a "Guest Experience" from hip hop God Jay Z. That's exactly what it is. Jay Z gives us something to think about when it comes to Success "With the same sword they knight you/ they gon' good night you with" …he goes on to say "So it's tough being Bobby Brown/To be Bobby then, you have to be Bobby now" Good Points J good points. Not right for VLV but right for this release.

7. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Remix) – This is traditionally what an EP from a Band like Coldplay is like. Filler and remixes of songs we've already heard. Nothing special here as this is basically the same track found on VLV. Skip it.

8.Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground – This is the bow that ties the package together. Similar to "Till Kingdom Comes" from X and Y. This track is an acoustic number with middle eastern influences mixed in and ties the lyrics of Life in Technicolor II in nicely.

So whats the verdict:

There are two types of people in life, those that like coldplay and those that don't. If you like Coldplay you will Love this record. If you don't like Coldplay there isn't anything here that is going to change your mind. Thankfully I consider myself a Coldplay fan.

8.5 out of 10.

Download these – Glass of Water, Rainy Days, Lost +, Life in Technicolor II.

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