Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 Reviews for the Price of One!


Many great performances.
Many outstanding mustaches.In the end, the performances and the mustaches weren't enough to elevate this movie beyond being anything but average.

If you have been dying to see the Green Goblin(James Franco) and Spicoli(Sean Penn) get it on, this movie is for you.

One final thought...this movie does have potential to be a great drinking game. Drink anytime a character appears on screen with a mustache. Warning: You'll be tanked after 15 minutes!




I didn't leave my house with the intention of seeing Twilight. I was at the theater and I had just watched Milk. I saw that Twilight was starting in ten minutes so I thought what the heck.

Not sure what to tell you. If your not a teenager you probably won't find this movie interesting.
There were a few funny moments but I'm not sure if they were all intended to by funny.
The overly friendly high school students were ridiculous. Completely unbelievable. I thought they were be super friendly to "the new girl" as a joke but I quickly learned I was wrong.

I have to admit though, Kristen Stewart is certainly fun to watch on the big screen for 2 hours. Keep an eye out for some serious overacting by her near the end of the movie.


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Steeebo said...

Sweet...I didn't think Twilight is something I'd want to see